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Our engineering design services are fully customizable to suit the requirements and timeline of your project. Whether you’re looking to bring on short-term help to meet a rush deadline, or are seeking to hire a long-term engineering consultant, with RPA you can hire the professional help you need precisely when you need it.


The project scope is defined and the appropriate methods for completing the project are determined.  The durations for the tasks necessary to complete the work are listed and grouped into a work breakdown structure.  The necessary resources will be estimated and costs for each activity will be allocated to each resource, giving the total project cost.

Proof of Concept

We provide an engineering prototype in order to demonstrate the feasibility of a new fabrication technique.  This use of POC (Proof Of Concept) helps to establish viability, to isolate technical issues, and to suggest overall direction, as well as providing feedback for budgeting and other forms of internal decision-making processes.

Testing / Verification

The process of checking that an engineered system meets specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose.  Verification tests are performed to deliver objective, comprehensive testing verifying all product specifications, interface standards, original equipment manufacturer requirements, and diagnostic commands.



Our customers can rely on our installation engineers who are dedicated to making sure your deployments are successful. Additionally, a senior project manager is appointed and is personally responsible to plan and oversee the implementation.


We develop a configuration management strategy to guarantee the integrity of the system in the operation and maintenance phases of its life cycle.  This involves generating configuration management plans, strategies, software tools and procedures for configuration identification, change management and configuration audit. The overall objective is to ensure that, for the operational life of the system, the correct hardware and software components would be installed in the correct target systems.

Commissioning & Integration

We guarantee a safe and orderly handover of the solution to the Customer, ensuring its operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety, information traceability, energy consumption and maintainability, meet required standards.   Our solutions will be integrated as subsystems to the Customer’s larger productions systems and function according to their specifications.


Our technical writers are professionals who have a background in both the subject matter and also in writing and managing content (information architecture). Technical writers collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs), such as engineering professionals and technical experts to define and create content (documentation) that meets the user’s needs.


Technical Support

We provide in-depth technical support to identify, isolate and solve specific problems with a solution. These services are delivered onsite & remotely as required by our 24/7/365 Service Desk Engineers.

Advanced Maintenance

In addition to the basic corrective model (repair or replace malfunctioning equipment), we provide advanced maintenance plans for our Customers that include preventive & predictive maintenance models.  We use sensors to monitor key parameters within a system to continuously evaluate the system health and predict a breakdown before it happens.


In addition to the basic training required for the operation of our solutions, we provide our clients with a full complement of Training Services covering engineering development and  delivery of official vendor training programs.


The increasing gap between optimal and operating conditions in industrial organizations lowers operational efficiencies and may even hinder innovation by unnecessarily tying up investments. We work with multi-disciplined engineering teams to identify areas to be optimized in order to become leaner, faster and innovative.

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