UPS Monitor

Solution to monitor your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and to receive notifications for events based on customized triggers.
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Component 1

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

We can provide compatible UPS standalone units and/or large arrays of UPS to support your specific needs.

Almost any existing UPS with a data interface (Serial, Ethernet) can be used by this solution but we need to validate the compatibility in advance. 

Component 2

Local Automation Node

The management and monitoring software is deployed on a small single-board computer running Linux and Java.

The SBC is linked to the UPS and reads periodically predefined data sets in order to graph the stored data and to execute automation rules.

Main Features

The main solution features are presented below.  In addition, custom integrations can be implemented based on requirements.


Our solution collects periodically measurement data from the UPS, stores them in a time series database and displays them using modern graphics tools.
You can customize the view range, graph parameters and embedded the graph on your monitoring platform.

Voltage Input & Output History


Display of key parameters of the UPS on a dynamic dashboard giving you a complete view of the UPS system and its performance.

Central Performance View


Several notification types can be generated based on predefined events and threshold violations.  The most common notifications are mobile alerts and email reports.

Notifications to Email & Mobile

Robotic Process Automation

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